Dhruv is a serial social entrepreneur from 12th grade and has a special love for Economics, History and Politics. In addition to Project Mauka and FYI, he runs TYS - ‘The Youth Symposium: a virtual town-hall for the youth to discuss matters of international affairs. His ultimate aim is to empower youngsters across the world to take on the active responsibility of creating a change in their communities.


Diya is an IB 1 student with a keen interest in Economics and Psychology. A passionate pianist and Kathak dancer, she actively engages in the creative arts. Her ability to think on her feet and entrepreneurial mindset are highlighted through her initiatives, like Project Mauka, and continuous engagement with social projects. Ultimately, she aims to empower the less fortunate and hopes to study behavioural economics in college.


Nakshh is an 11th grader and runs his own e-commerce portal ‘Ethnique Mojo’, that helps empower underprivileged women who create handcrafted products such as pocket squares. Nakshh is also interested in computer science and is currently working on creating an app for his initiative ‘Happiness Project’ which aims to improve the mental health of adolescents.


Yaamini is an IB1 student with a keen interest in English and Philosophy. Her passion for writing is reflected in the articles she publishes and her collaborative role as researcher/ interviewer for the book ‘Defining India’ published by Penguin. Yaamini also enjoys reading about current affairs and has the unique experience of engaging with rural India, most recently with a helpline for migrant workers stranded across India from Uttar Pradesh.


These are students private schools in Delhi NCR who have formed teams of high-school student tutors from 6 different schools. Their main responsibility is training the student tutors and ensuring that all classroom workshops are as effective and productive as they can be.



Miraya is a class 11 student from Step-by-Step School inclined towards community-based initiatives and co-curriculars. An active MUNner and a passionate animal lover, she is currently raising awareness about animals through her radio show. An aspiring change-maker, Miraya strives to create an impact by tackling different obstacles and prejudices that prevail in society today.



Video Scriptwriter and Narrator

Bhushita is a social entrepreneur and author from IB-1. She is the founder of ‘Samvedna NGO’ which aims at providing sports education to the underprivileged sections of the society. She is also the author of the book ‘Open Your Wardrobe For Answers’ which is based on clothing psychology. Bhushita actively participates in shark-tanks and has prior experience with pitching ideas to investors. Overall, she loves entrepreneurship and envisions herself as a successful business lady in the future.

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