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The current situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 and imposition of strict lockdown has left us with no certainty with the timeline with which we can take forward this project. Hence, the only answer we can provide to this is as soon as the curve flattens. This is ideal as it is necessary for us to complete this process before there is a severe build-up of academic pressure amongst the students which will drastically reduce their interest and quality of work during our workshops and final pitch.


  1. We create unique course material teaching social entrepreneurship and leadership in Hindi based on presentations made by leadership coaches.

  2. We hand over this material and train students from private schools so that they become youth ambassadors for Project Mauka. Each ambassador makes a team of 16-20 students and goes to each allotted school.

  3. They conduct sessions once a week for 4 weeks, where they teach problem identification and solving, coming up with an action plan, and how to pitch effectively.

  4. Finally, they nominate their best students to participate in a shark tank we hold sometime in December where the winning ideas receive funding.

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